• Biodiversity resolution sees muted support at Home Depot

    20 May 2024

    A resolution urging retail giant Home Depot to carry out a biodiversity risk assessment received 16% investor support at last week's AGM, which filer Domini Impact Investments said signals there is "more work to be done".

  • Natural Capital Investment Americas 2023: NA100 a 'really powerful vehicle', conference hears

    27 September 2023

    The newly launched Nature Action 100 (NA100), which formally launched yesterday by sending a letter to over 100 companies which have a high impact on nature, was described as "a really powerful vehicle to help advance meaningful progress".

  • Investors target food sector climate lethargy in engagement guide

    25 May 2022

    A "continued lack of progress" by US food companies to set climate targets has led to the publication of an investor guide to ramp up engagement with the high-emitting sector.