• Labelled bonds: Europe leads, Asia catching

    25 March 2024

    What are the geographical features of the green, social and sustainable bond market, asks Pietro Sette

  • REC-reduced emissions targets are 'not reputable', says MainStreet

    31 August 2023

    The use of 'market-based' emissions targets for sustainability-linked instruments is "not reputable", as it demonstrates no long-term operational sustainability improvement, according to MainStreet Partners.

  • Sustainability-linked bond target rebasing threatens credibility of market

    18 August 2023

    The baselines used to set sustainability-linked bond (SLB) targets are being changed "a lot" more than expected, in a trend that threatens the credibility of the market, MainStreet Partners has warned.

  • 30% of sustainability-linked bond targets 'on track to fail'

    07 August 2023

    Up to 30% of all sustainability-linked bond (SLB) targets on the market are "on track to fail," which MainStreet Partners said is getting close to "alarming" levels for issuers and investors.