• Natural Capital Investment Americas 2023: TNFD and biodiversity COP 'signals' to Verra to certify biodiversity credits

    29 September 2023

    Growing demand from project developers and the rise of a nature-related disclosure framework means there are now "enough signals" for Verra to address biodiversity by developing a crediting methodology, an Environmental Finance conference has heard.

  • Tradeable units - a key ingredient for scaling investment in nature

    10 February 2023

    Verra is working to identify a unit that can be understood by the market in order to be traded, but that also reflects the fact that nature is not fungible, says Sinclair Vincent

  • Verra speaks out on tradability of nature credits

    10 February 2023

    Verra has confronted the controversial topic of whether nature credits can be tradable, following a debate on the topic.

  • Biodiversity credits - the next big environmental market?

    05 December 2022

    Biodiversity credits are potentially a powerful financial tool for boosting nature, but could be as controversial as carbon credits, Thomas Cox writes

  • Verra plans biodiversity credit standard in late 2023

    07 November 2022

    Verra plans to release a standard to enable the independent certification of biodiversity credits in late 2023, an executive at the standard-setter has said.