• Emerging market sustainable bond investment momentum building

    14 June 2024

    Investors and issuers are responding to the challenges EM sustainable bonds pose, and the tide is turning in their favour. Ahren Lester reports

  • The role of national standard-setters in delivering ESRS

    13 June 2024

    The governance of national standard-setters varies greatly across the European Union, with implications for how the reporting standards are implemented, writes Philippe Diaz

  • Sustainable Finance 2.0 is coming - and AI is the accelerant

    07 June 2024

    The convergence of fintech and climate finance is just beginning and is a positive disruption for markets, writes Aleksi Tukiainen

  • Regulating transition plans

    04 June 2024

    A patchwork of regulations will soon ask financial institutions to publish and implement climate transition plans, Michael Hurley reports

  • CSDDD - ambitious yet pragmatic

    31 May 2024

    The EU's CSDDD marks a clear inflection point for ESG, where companies move beyond pledges and act on sustainability, writes Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon

  • Index providers must account for ESG data quality to avoid under-serving investors

    30 May 2024

    There is a risk that green-labeled indices may overpromise and under-deliver without a commitment to data quality and transparency from their providers, writes Jonathan Gardiner

  • ESG compliance in 2024: what to expect

    27 May 2024

    Sustainability is not about ESG - it is about a fuller understanding of the value of an organisation and the communication of that value to stakeholders, writes Andromeda Wood

  • The long road to reasonable assurance

    22 May 2024

    Sustainability data is set to move along the assurance curve, from limited to reasonable, boosted by regulation and technology. Genevieve Redgrave reports

  • The devil's in the detail: Spotting climate winners and losers

    17 May 2024

    Nuanced analysis is needed to understand each company's climate transition potential, Ben McEwen writes

  • AI's role in ESG data relies on transparency

    10 May 2024

    Following Environmental Finance's recent features on the potential for AI to transform ESG data, Da Wei argues that the technology must not be a 'black box'