• The ESG data files, part seven, continued: Real estate - Social and governance data

    03 January 2020

    The market for data on the social impacts of investments in real estate is growing rapidly, writes Christopher Marchant

  • ESG data files - part seven, continued: Real estate and resilience

    02 January 2020

    Investors are striving to get a handle on physical climate risks, but the data is still under construction, writes Christopher Marchant

  • ESG Data Files, part seven: Building data for real estate

    18 December 2019

    A raft of standards and certification schemes can help real estate investors understand transition risks in their portfolio, writes Christopher Marchant

  • The ESG data files, part six continued: TCFD and the challenge of looking forward

    27 November 2019

    Data providers are stepping in to fill the disclosure gap. Joe Walsh and Peter Cripps report

  • The ESG data files, part six: TCFD and the challenge of looking forward

    18 November 2019

    Requests for strategic information about the risks and opportunities posed by climate change have proved a step too far for many. Joe Walsh and Peter Cripps report

  • ESG data files: Part five - the impact of the EU's taxonomy

    04 October 2019

    Will the EU's sustainability taxonomy reduce the reporting burden on companies, or could it be another weight on their shoulders? Michael Hurley reports

  • The ESG data files - part four: fixed income data

    21 August 2019

    While the availability of sustainability-related data for fixed income investments is catching up with that for equities, much progress remains to be made, Michael Hurley is told

  • ESG data files - part 3: Ratings reports under the microscope

    01 August 2019

    A look at how three of the biggest ESG raters rate three companies - Johnson & Johnson, Standard Chartered and BYD - reveals significant differences in the conclusions they reach. Graham Cooper reports

  • ESG data files - part 3, continued: ESG rating providers

    29 July 2019

    The second instalment of this analysis of ESG rating agencies finds that investors are increasingly drilling down into the data that underlies the ratings. Peter Cripps reports.

  • ESG data files - part 3: ESG rating providers

    25 July 2019

    As ESG ratings become embedded in mainstream investment decision making, they are attracting criticism. Is it justified, asks Peter Cripps.