• COP15: A historical moment for biodiversity and corporate disclosure

    23 December 2022

    To make the 'Paris agreement for nature' a success, countries should waste no time in making biodiversity reporting legally mandatory, argues CDP's Mirjam Wolfrum

  • Mastering TCFD will pay dividends in 2023's regulatory landscape

    12 December 2022

    As regulators around the world ramp up climate-related disclosure requirements, much work is needed to ensure information is useful to investors, writes Laura Zizzo

  • Q&A: The evolution of ESG data and regulation

    28 November 2022

    In an increasingly complicated market, the cost of compliance with ESG regulations will increase, but the cost of litigation could be even higher, say Paul Watchman and Thomas Harding

  • ESMA offers 'backdoor' solution to SFDR fund labelling misuse

    23 November 2022

    A major reclassification of self-labelled 'sustainable' funds is likely after ESMA proposes necessary - but complicating - naming guidelines, Anne Schoemaker tells Ahren Lester

  • EU and ISSB's salsa dancing.... In wait of the Tango?

    09 November 2022

    Public announcement of an interoperability framework close but not there yet, Vincent Huck writes

  • Sustainable bond round-up: your questions answered

    27 October 2022

    The Environmental Finance Data team answer audience questions from the third quarter 2022 sustainable bond issuance round-up webinar. Compiled by Guy Richardson

  • Comment: The spectre of Stuart Kirk haunts sustainable finance

    21 October 2022

    Sustainable finance needs bright new ideas. And, for that, we must encourage freedom of expression, argues Peter Cripps

  • The Future of ESG Data Conference: Highlights

    20 October 2022

    Environmental Finance's in-person conference on The Future of ESG Data this week highlighted the numerous challenges that are being addressed in the space, as related regulatory and market developments unfold at record pace

  • Q&A with IOSCO's Kris Nathanail

    20 October 2022

    Following her keynote address at Environmental Finance's The Future of ESG Data conference, IOSCO's senior policy advisor gives her assessment of the challenges facing the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

  • Fund-level scenario analysis requirement is 'regulatory overkill'

    19 October 2022

    The merits and shortcomings of scenario analysis were debated at a panel discussion at The Future of ESG Data conference. Peter Cripps reports