• Reasons for hope?

    24 June 2013

    On the face of it, there's plenty to be pessimistic about in the environmental markets at the moment.

  • Can green bonds go mainstream?

    20 June 2013

    The green bond market is on the march after the first billion-dollar issuance, but what is needed for the fledgling asset class to break into the mainstream, asks Elza Holmstedt Pell

  • EDITORIAL: Closing the loop

    05 April 2013

    When it comes to financing the shift to a low-carbon global economy, two things are axiomatic. First, it's going to cost a lot of money. Second, there's a lot of money out there, looking for profitable investments.

  • The green bond market comes of age

    02 April 2013

    The first $1 billion environmental bond has opened the market up to a new class of investor – but the search for yield goes on. Mark Nicholls reports

  • State Street bets on green bonds

    21 March 2013

    State Street's Chris McKnett talks to Gloria Gonzalez about how the giant asset manager sees growing interest in fixed-income ESG strategies

  • An environmental risk reckoning

    08 November 2012

    Leading banks may be talking a good game on low-carbon lending, but a closer look at their environmental exposures tells a different story. MSCI's Matt Moscardi digs deep into the sector's environmental risk management

  • Sun to come out for renewable project bonds?

    29 March 2012

    The $850 million Topaz solar bond is being hailed as a bellwether for the renewable energy bond market. But can others follow where MidAmerican Energy has trodden? Mark Nicholls reports

  • The big push for green bonds

    21 February 2012

    The creation of an environmental bond market has been frustratingly slow – but interest is building. Mark Nicholls reports

  • Eyes turn to adaptation finance

    05 February 2012

    Did the Durban climate talks begin to lay the foundations for adaptation finance mechanisms, asks Dirk Forrister