• Europe's Green Bond Standard: A game changer?

    06 October 2023

    The standard will remove the opacity that often clouds sustainable finance and protect sustainability-minded investors by ensuring their investments align with their values, writes Giuseppe Corsini

  • Are debt-for-nature swaps misunderstood?

    04 October 2023

    Debt-for-nature swaps have faced criticism, but they may have an important role to play in protecting biodiversity in developing markets. Genevieve Redgrave reports

  • Berkshire Hills: Issuing a sustainable bond is a 'no brainer'

    27 September 2023

    Berkshire Hills hopes its ground-breaking sustainability bond will be followed by others, but the US community bank's Gary Levante tells Ahren Lester the market needs a small and mid-cap 'evolution'

  • Acciona: Impact in the sustainable bond market is very low

    25 September 2023

    Frustrated by the limited impact of sustainable bonds, the Spain-based conglomerate has published an additionality-focused framework it hopes will help transform the market. Ahren Lester reports

  • Real economy sustainable bonds: Spotlight on Romania

    20 September 2023

    Guy Richardson looks at the prospects for the sustainable debt issuance from the country's power, agribusiness, and transport sectors

  • S&P Shades of Green: Updated SPO offers more than just 'an extra shade'

    18 September 2023

    The financial research and analysis firm tells Ahren Lester its updated second-party opinion (SPO) methodology is more than just a marriage of the separate S&P and Shades of Green models

  • On the origin of green bonds

    01 September 2023

    The principles that underpin the 'use of proceeds bond market' - and the focus on the positive use of money - can be traced back to the eighteenth century, argues Chris Wigley

  • Gabon deal shows rise of nature bond conversions

    16 August 2023

    The Gabon blue bond is the third debt-for-nature deal of this type signed in the last year, boosting confidence these transactions can be scaled. Ahren Lester writes

  • Hungary 'looking into' sustainability-linked, social bonds after green update

    14 August 2023

    After updating its green bond framework, Hungary is considering expanding into other sovereign sustainable bond labels. Ahren Lester reports

  • Is Anti-ESG here to stay?

    11 August 2023

    The US arguably pioneered Responsible Investment and its anti-ESG movement will prove temporary, writes Christopher Wigley