• Nordea: An 'SLL bond' market could emerge 'very quickly'

    21 September 2022

    The Nordic bank believes its ground-breaking 'sustainability-linked loan bond' is poised to kick-start further issuance quickly, Jacob Michaelsen tells Ahren Lester

  • HSBC: Biodiversity-focused SLBs could increase

    06 September 2022

    An increase in the issuance of sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) linked to biodiversity could result from the combination of the forthcoming biodiversity COP with an ICMA release, writes Thomas Cox

  • Sustainable bonds take record market share

    24 August 2022

    Sovereign green bond issuance helped labelled debt secure a record share of the European bond market in the second quarter, Ahren Lester writes

  • China green bond principles 'important' but imperfect

    22 August 2022

    Publication of the China GBPs has potential wide-ranging implications for the green bond market, but they remain a work in progress. Ahren Lester reports

  • Comment: Sustainability-linked finance - Failure must be an option

    03 August 2022

    We want issuers of sustainability-linked instrument to miss targets - or else all pretensions of ambition for the transition instrument will wither, writes Ahren Lester

  • Social bond market now 'sufficiently mature' for fund construction

    28 July 2022

    Following a surge in issuance since 2020, social bonds have come of age and NN IP's Roel van Broekhuizen tells Ahren Lester why the Dutch asset manager feels ready to join in with its own fund

  • The EBRD's investment in green bonds passes €1bn

    20 July 2022

    As the multilateral development institution celebrates a milestone, Friso de Jong and Dan Storey explain the EBRD's future work priorities

  • $3trn sustainable bond issuance milestone crossed

    12 July 2022

    Despite a weaker than expected start to 2022, sustainable bond issuance continues to break new ground as it reaches a landmark $3 trillion total. Ahren Lester reports

  • Comment: SLBs - still a work in progress

    06 July 2022

    Updates to The Principles are welcome but will not solve the problems facing the sustainability-linked bond market, argues Ahren Lester

  • Why Enel turned to sustainability-linked bonds

    14 June 2022

    After kick-starting the sustainability-linked bond market in 2019, the Italian firm continues to drive interest in the fast-growing market. Ahren Lester reports