• The ISO's Net Zero Guidelines

    24 March 2023

    The guidelines can provide a common global basis for sound and credible net zero action, providing investors with a robust reference point to form their strategy, writes Emily Faint

  • Measuring the financial consequences of climate transition

    13 March 2023

    Joseph Noss looks at why backward-looking emissions reporting provides no guarantee of reducing exposure to transition risk

  • How Canada laid the foundations for its transition taxonomy

    07 March 2023

    A project to develop a list of transition activities is set to grow, Barbara Zvan and Jonathan Arnold tell Michael Hurley

  • Explainer: The Transition Pathway Initiative

    21 February 2023

    The TPI has emerged as a key investor tool for assessing transition risk, write Rory Sullivan and Valentin Jahn

  • BP's backtrack is a crucial moment for the say-on-climate movement

    17 February 2023

    After taking the lead for oil companies on climate action, BP has quietly backtracked to take advantage of higher petrol prices. Matt Crossman asks if they've promised to run an Ironman before signing up for a proverbial parkrun

  • Assessing the relative transition readiness of real estate sectors

    03 February 2023

    There are significant differences in levels of transition readiness across the real estate sector, argues Matt Soffair, and owners of highly sustainable buildings may benefit from a 'scarcity premium'

  • Calls for the ISSB to place greater focus on transition

    02 February 2023

    Some investors argue the International Sustainability Standards Board needs to place the transition to a net zero economy at the heart of its forthcoming standards. Michael Hurley reports

  • How the EBRD is going Paris aligned

    24 January 2023

    The decision will change climate considerations in finance on three continents, writes Dana Kupova

  • Three themes that need to be on the agenda in 2023

    09 January 2023

    Transition, blended finance and adaptation must move up investors' agendas in 2023, writes Peter Cripps

  • Addressing the adaptation finance gap

    20 December 2022

    The costs associated with climate change are already here and rising fast. A more granular picture of physical climate risk and its economic impact should be used to scale adaption finance today, argues Florian Gallo