• UK waste market presents up to £20bn investment opportunity – banker

    03 February 2011

    A funding gap has opened up in the UK waste management market which presents opportunities for investors and small developers, according to a leading banker to the sector.

  • GE, NRG, ConocoPhillips form $300m energy tech fund

    03 February 2011

    Three US corporate giants have committed $300 million to an energy technology investment company to fund "potentially game-changing technologies".

  • FCP targets UK taxpayers with two renewables funds

    02 February 2011

    Future Capital Partners (FCP) has launched two renewable energy funds aimed at UK investors.

  • Utilities warn political opposition may undermine Obama's clean energy target

    02 February 2011

    Utilities can get behind US President Barack Obama's proposed clean energy standard (CES), but the devil is in the details and the political obstacles may be insurmountable, executives said.

  • Obama calls for 80% clean energy by 2035 – but includes clean coal, gas and nuclear

    27 January 2011

    President Obama set a goal of generating 80% of US electricity from clean energy sources by 2035 in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, but renewable energy advocates were dismayed by his inclusion of clean coal and nuclear power.

  • Greening programme for private equity firms launched

    27 January 2011

    Private equity firms looking to incorporate environmental performance in their investment decisions will soon have a new tool at their disposal.

  • Advanced biofuels projects win flurry of US loan guarantees

    26 January 2011

    The US government is stepping up its support for advanced biofuels, with two federal agencies providing loan guarantees worth hundreds of millions, but the sector still faces funding and technology issues that are challenging its ability to scale-up operations.

  • Shareholders tell gas firms to 'frack' off

    26 January 2011

    Shareholder resolutions related to natural gas "fracking" practices have proven more popular and sometimes more effective in changing energy company practices than similar resolutions, partly due to tremendous media scrutiny, investor advocates said.

  • Renewable energy fund targets UK private investors

    26 January 2011

    Guinness Asset Management is aiming to raise £10 million ($16 million) from tax-paying UK citizens for a fund that will invest in renewable energy assets.

  • Masdar and others mull VC fund launches for 2011

    20 January 2011

    Masdar's venture capital unit is considering two fund launches in 2011, according to Erik Martel, a principal at the firm.