• $3trn investor coalition heaps 'stranded asset' pressure on fossil fuel firms

    24 October 2013

    A coalition of investors worth $3 trillion has joined forces to write to 45 of the biggest oil and gas companies demanding how they are dealing with the threat of 'stranded assets'.

  • Vattenfall joins calls for 'EU carbon central bank'

    23 October 2013

    The head of one of Europe's largest utilities has joined calls to set up a body regulating the supply of allowances in the continent's beleaguered emissions trading system.

  • A crisis looms

    17 October 2013

    Jeremy Leggett's new book warns of turmoil ahead for the global energy and financial systems, but there is still hope for the longer-term future. His work is reviewed by Nick Robins

  • Accountants call for action on 'stranded assets'

    14 October 2013

    Companies should measure the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stored within their fossil fuel reserves and account for them, according to Warren Allen, president of the International Federation of Accountants.

  • Stranded assets: the divestment debate

    14 October 2013

    There are calls for investors to reduce their exposure to fossil fuel stocks amid fears that their valuations will slump if politicians make good on their climate promises. But is now the right time to divest? Two institutional investors with contrasting views spoke to Environmental Finance

  • OECD chief backs warnings on 'stranded assets'

    09 October 2013

    If governments impose caps on carbon emissions, the risk of "unburnable" fossil fuel assets "could have a significant impact on the valuation of some companies", Angel Gurria, secretary general of the OECD said today.

  • Coal assets to suffer most from fossil fuel 'divestment stigma'

    08 October 2013

    Coal stocks are more vulnerable than oil and natural gas to the fossil fuel divestment movement, according to a new study which has called on investors to evaluate the "poorly understood and regularly mispriced" environmental risks in their portfolios.

  • Stranded assets: approaching a tipping point?

    16 September 2013

    The concept of 'unburnable carbon' is still relatively new, but there are encouraging signs that fossil fuel-based companies are starting to pay attention, argues Julie Gorte

  • Storebrand to evaluate utility holdings for 'stranded assets'

    29 August 2013

    Asset manager Storebrand will analyse the sustainability of its utility holdings next month, Environmental Finance can reveal, following an analysis of the energy sector earlier this year which led to 19 exclusions.

  • Agriculture assets at 'significant risk' of becoming devalued – report

    09 August 2013

    Climate change could cause assets in the agriculture sector to become 'stranded', a report has claimed, warning that an extreme loss of natural capital could result in $11.2 trillion being wiped off the value of agriculture assets in one year.