• Axa IMRA expands forestry portfolio with €21.5 million purchase

    13 October 2016

    Axa Investment Managers - Real Assets (Axa IMRA) has acquired a 958-hectare forest in France, known as Domaine de Saint Augustin, for €21.5 million ($23.7 million).

  • Show me the green money!

    22 August 2016

    Issuers of green bonds are increasingly seeking 'green investors'. But how to define a green investor, and why target them, asks Hamza Ali

  • AXA IM launches 'smart beta' ESG fund for European investors

    13 July 2016

    AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has launched a 'smart beta' fund that incorporates both positive and negative screening of companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

  • EF BRIEFS: AXA IM, Mytrah, SolarCity, Credit Suisse, BAML, SMA

    08 April 2016

    AXA Investment Managers has been appointed to manage Big Society Capital's treasury portfolio "in line with its transformative social impact ambition".

  • Sustainable forestry - a budding market

    10 March 2016

    Investors are increasingly seeing the merits of sustainable forestry. There are numerous ways to invest in this asset class, as Peter Cripps reports

  • Axa predicts divestment argument to heat up in 2016

    22 January 2016

    More investors are likely to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies as the movement "accelerates" in 2016, predicts Axa Investment Managers (IM).

  • Profile: Axa IM's new green bond fund

    11 November 2015

    Axa IM uses its in-house responsible investment expertise to cherry-pick labelled green bonds, and also buys unlabelled green corporate bonds, says Peter Cripps

  • Axa IM launches green bond fund

    11 November 2015

    Axa Investment Managers has launched a green bond fund.

  • Schneider Electric issues €200m green bond

    09 November 2015

    Schneider Electric has issued its inaugural €200 million ($215 million) green bond.

  • Shell and Statoil next to face climate votes at AGM

    15 May 2015

    Shell and Statoil will become the latest fossil fuel companies to address mounting shareholder concerns about climate change when they hold their annual general meetings (AGMs) next week.