• 50 names to be added to Climate Action 100+ engagement hit list

    21 February 2018

    50 more corporates are to be added to the $28 trillion Climate Action 100+ initiative's list of targets for climate-related engagement.

  • Mapping the SDGs

    11 December 2017

    Two years on from the launch of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, how are investors responding, asks Peter Cripps

  • SDGs 'uproar' opens the door for more impact investing, AXA IM says

    24 November 2017

    The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are causing "uproar" in the world of responsible investment and create a doorway to more impact investing, AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) says.

  • Axa IMRA expands forestry portfolio with Finnish acquisition

    17 October 2017

    Deal forms part of firm's responsible investment strategy

  • Final TCFD report supported by investors with $25trn

    29 June 2017

    The Financial Stability Board's (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) has released its final report, with the public support of investors with roughly $25 trillion in assets under management. Other businesses with a combined market capitalisation of approximately $3.5 trillion have also supported the recommendations.

  • Actiam excludes coal mining companies

    03 May 2017

    Dutch asset manager Actiam will exclude companies that earn more than 15% of revenues from coal

  • More than a third of insurers looking to increase ESG allocation

    07 April 2017

    More than a third, 38%, of insurers plan to increase their allocation to ESG strategies over the year, according to a survey by AXA Investment Managers (IM).

  • First-of-its kind Sustainable Ocean Fund hits the market

    06 February 2017

    A first-of-its-kind fund that aims to scale up sustainable fishing and other marine protection activities while making a commercial return for investors has begun marketing.

  • Axa's green bond fund grows by a third in first year

    09 December 2016

    Axa Investment Managers' green bond fund has seen its assets grow by more than a third in its first year, Environmental Finance can reveal.

  • Trump is just a blip for responsible investment, says AXA IM

    11 November 2016

    A Trump Presidency has been declared merely a 'blip' on the longer term development of responsible investment worldwide, by AXA Investment Managers.