• Crédit Agricole Assurances is "significant investor" in clean hydrogen fund

    27 April 2022
  • AXA IM Alts and CAA acquire UK offshore windfarm for £3bn

    28 March 2022
  • Amundi's one-year-old green bond fund 'ahead of schedule'

    04 March 2019

    The world's largest green bond fund bought more green-labelled issuance in its first year than originally anticipated, Frédéric Samama tells Michael Hurley

  • IFC and Amundi close world's largest green bond fund

    16 March 2018

    The world's biggest green bond fund was officially launched today, having raised $1.42 billion to buy paper from banks in emerging markets.

  • Belgium plans to grow sovereign green bond to €10bn

    28 February 2018

    A €4.5 billion ($5.5 billion) sovereign green bond issued by Belgium this week is expected to grow to a size of about €10 billion within four years, the Belgian Debt Agency said.

  • Engie and CA Assurances team up to buy 500MW of renewables projects

    28 December 2017

    Insurer Credit Agricole Assurances and French utility Engie will jointly purchase about 500MW of renewables projects in 2018, the companies said in a statement.