• How diligent client onboarding can mitigate greenwashing

    07 September 2022

    Ensuring efficient data collection from clients can be a key tool in tackling greenwashing risks, argues Edel Brophy

  • China green bond principles 'important' but imperfect

    22 August 2022

    Publication of the China GBPs has potential wide-ranging implications for the green bond market, but they remain a work in progress. Ahren Lester reports

  • UK pension schemes' social dilemma

    18 August 2022

    The UK government is setting up a taskforce for social factors in pension fund investing. Michael Hurley asks what impact it could have

  • ESG data a heightened challenge in emerging markets

    09 August 2022

    Ninety One is looking to step up its transition financing in emerging markets, but data continues to be an obstacle, says its chief sustainability officer Nazmeera Moola

  • Why we need blockchain to help fight climate change

    01 August 2022

    Distributed ledger technology has a role in helping to avoid double-counting of emissions reductions, says Dave Sandor

  • TNFD: The problem of 'exploding' data

    15 July 2022

    Nature-related data is booming, bringing the problem of data gaps alongside the benefit of more information, David Craig tells Thomas Cox

  • PRI urges more 'robust' asset owner TCFD implementation

    07 July 2022

    Asset owners need to take 'next steps' on TCFD - particularly on scenario analysis, the PRI tells Genevieve Redgrave

  • Comment: SLBs - still a work in progress

    06 July 2022

    Updates to The Principles are welcome but will not solve the problems facing the sustainability-linked bond market, argues Ahren Lester

  • ESG litigation risk rising - part two

    06 July 2022

    The second part of this feature on ESG litigation focuses on the risks facing companies. Thomas Cox reports

  • ESG litigation risk rising

    04 July 2022

    A flood of ESG litigation involving companies and investors is predicted, writes Thomas Cox